Sunday, January 11, 2009

Doing The Annual Thing

On the 5th of January 2009, held the G2BAT Annual Dinner at Courtyard.
I guess I joined the company at the right timing that I got most exposures in my 19 years of unhappening life. (Turnin 20 in ten months time)
This second annual dinner I was involved in had me assisting Grace for the last time before my leave on Wednesday. I'm really missing it already.
Keeping myself occupied is probably one of the few self-satisfactions that I get
At least I'm being productive, you see
My, lets not lead to another emo topic yet.

Compulsory for a tie on everybody. Work it baby..
The theme was cool
Everyone listened and spiced up their outfits with ties
I could never come up with such ideas
At least, not yet.
hah. Gotta keep believing in myself to climb the golden stairs baby

Kudos to all tapas lovers.
Love the bruschettas much!
Josh Lim, you could probably do a Tapas Night on a bloggers trip to somewhere.
That should be fun and filled with lotsa photography sessions there.

The sexy faces seen in almost every event


Tongue Teasers
Food & beverages at Courtyard are reasonably priced with good ambiance
Located at Damansara Heights
(Near Help college, next to Aliyaa)

This babe was so enjoying her food
12th floor cleaning lady: 12th floor girls dresses very weird that I'm so scared of them.
(spoken in Tamil, translated by Rehka)
Woman.. it's not Scary.. it's Fashionable

Thanks for reading and keeping up with my blog.
I'll soon have more time to update more often upon completion of my internship.
Do look out for Black Christmas part twoe and more events.

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