Thursday, January 1, 2009

God Bless 2009

Bye Bye 2008..
These were the few last "captured"..

Jerry Ong @ Blanc Le Club

Michelle Phoon on Christmas Eve, Mardigras

Wei San @ Zouk Phuture
Hello New Year!
Another year older *sigh*. Taking a big fearful step into my 20s'. Awaiting the arrival of menopause. Geesh.
New Year's Eve celebration was hosted by Matthew at his place this year. Wolla 2009!
Haji Samuri satays, Domino's, Kentucky's, Ayamas, and more chickens the Pot Luck style.
Even barbeques..
One relaxing night it was.
Pictures were all taken by Daniel Goh.

LoveBirds #One

What a delightful smile for the year!

Bal l Steffie

PV l Gerald

Louise l Bal l Rachel

Love Bird #Twoe

Love Bird #Three would most obviously be Fooz & Sue Ann. Duhh!
May the year to come bring all you beautiful people more parties, boozes, smokes and sex.
Hmm.. wait..
That's not right.
May the year 2009 be a blessed yet joyous one with prosperity, happiness, good health and world peace.
Now, that sounds better.
Cheers With Love,
Darynne Goh


Gideon Yoong said...

wah looks damn shuang. Happy new year D!

Darynne G said...

hahah! Happy New Year G!