Monday, January 19, 2009

Me Misses..

Ever wonder how's it gonna feel to be The Woman behind one Man's Career?
Or..or.. maybe the best girlfriend ever!
hmm.. I'm really watching too much television
Do I have any married readers here to share some point of views?

What 'I' would do to my man is..

Groom him, trim his fugly eyebrow, pick up some fashionable garments, paint his nails over the weekend, make him american breakfast whenever I can, give him massages, make him fat, teach him Hokkien, make him sneak me into casino and get busted together, have him carry my shopping bags, force him to do facial with me, make him my favourite boy toy!

What do I have in my to-do list in 2010?
Pick up french..

No.. I meant the language..

Just being lame.
Not funnay, yeah?

First day of college, boring.
Meeting my tersayang-ed college loves, AWESOME!

Okays! At least something to clean of the dust on this site while I continue editing the photos..
*wet kisses*



Alex said...


Susah wanna live up to your toy boy expectations la, lols. Too hot to sizzle, yo, chillness hey. AL justifies. wtf.

Darynne G said...

You have a blog!? *folds arms*