Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ugly Fake

I thought I knew thee
I thought time strenghtens
The truth is finally revealed
True colours show
It was an abrupt change
in personality, lifestyle, behavior

They don't see from my point of view
But I see clearer than they do
Different attitudes before and after
How ugly thee has become
Selfish, arrogant and insincere
What am I to say
Man chooses who they want to be
Real or fake I can tell
I cared, I loved, I treasured much
Well I guess it was only me giving
Perhaps it has been prolonged too long
All for nothing that does me good
Who loves being treated like a fool

Who loves being used like a tool
It all ends in the word of betrayal
All good memories come to an end
This shall be the closure of all bads
I tried telling, I tried explaining
Sick and tired that's all I could say
I stick only to the best of the best
In my reality at least the worthy
Situation has gone out of hand
Somebody will be hurt, somebody will be used
for whatever reasons they may be
me or thee will be the options
If thee is chosen, Me walks away

He adores her

She uses him

She's his addiction

He's her fling

He treasures friendship

She uses friends

She changes to fit in

He fits in to change

He has dreams

She breaks hope

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