Sunday, April 20, 2008

No False Hopes, Please

Again, I woke up in the noon which I planned not to because of Steffie. Followed her to DailyLifestyle Studio's opening at Hartamas and met Jess there. I didn't know Khai, the guy whom I sent my profile to, is her boyfriend. What a small world. Then I went for this casting in Cheras where I met Zalfi, Emma and a couple more. It was my first casting, pretty nervous, and I really sucked at dialogues. Thank goodness the guys were nice enough to help me overcome my silliness. It was good fun though. After that I went over to AC to chill for a couple of hours with some friends, witnessed some fights, had yummy Teriyaki Fish (I love Jap foods by the way) and finally bought my SKL's.

My forever M.I.A friend, Nick M

For three nights in a row, again, you know lar.. the usual Thursday, Friday, Saturday night activities. Bar Celona on Thursday with Janice, Wei San, Kenny, Leyvin, James where I bumped into Wei Juan, David, Nicole, JingX and Boon Jin. I was tipsy.

Poppy Garden on Friday with Joe, Joshua, Don, Steffie, Danne, Jason, Clayton and the rest of the ego-bruised bunch. I was damn bloody tipsy that I let it all out at Pelita, Bangsar. omg. Thank God Don fetched me back.

As on Saturday, we decided to check out No Black Tie. A pretty cool place, awesome Jazz music, nice atmosphere.. not bad at all. Our initial plan of going to Mansion was changed to Cynna where we opened a bottle there. We as in Joe, Joshua, Don, and SQ. Ebelin, Sie Yuen, and Eugene joined us later. Jonz, Jason and Dixon's bunch were at Loft and Steffie all at Bar Club. You know.. my friends are all over the places so I practically split myself into three. and hell.. I was still SOBER at the end of the night!. no fun. but dancing was fun. Now, here comes the picture time..

beloved yEng. don't mess with her, not even her beers. xoxo.

SQ rarely takes picture. omg.

12am has passed. Happy Birthday Janise Chan!!

bOOyaH! Tag me baby! Love me but don't Hate me.

he gave up. so did i. get over it.


jessbabe said...

ya.. small small world indeed!!!

and I'm stalking!!!

Phatdolla said...

ahahahahaa.... :P see.. still stalking.. aihs.. *tsk tsk* hehe

... said...

OMG do you really have to put up those drunkard pix? LOLs

Phatdolla said...

hahah... steffie... ahhh.. next week.. clubbing yo!! uhuhuh..