Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A sneak peek from Shell event. This is the freelance world, where money earned big and easy, depending on your qualifications. When I said that, I meant your curves, your appearances. Boobs, waist, butt.. height.. looks.. you have it all, you work it up. Beautiful pictures and experiences are the essentials. Firstly, go get some photo shoots done, by professionals or not, doesn't really matter. It will be used as your portfolio photos. Those pictures will be shown to our clients whereby they usually judge books by its covers. Secondly, create a profile consisting of your name, age, contact number, e-mail address, vital statistic, ethnicity, nationality, height, weight, location, languages spoken and written, and above all, experiences. The more experienced you are, the higher the demand you get. Provided you have everything they need. Working attitude plays a major role in freelance world. Clients wouldn't be happy with your lazy, turn-off, dumbass behaviors. They expect you to do things without being told, just be smart, not act smart. Minimum pay in freelance line would usually be RM100, depending on your job scope, experience and the brand you're working for. Job scope varies from ushering, promoting, show girls, umbrella girls, freelance models, and etc. Locations depend on what event is and I personally prefer outstation jobs as the pay is higher and I get to travel about. Usually paid RM150 and above a day unless if you're super tall and slim with beautiful good looks then you get more. Again, it depends on the job scope. We all love to have fun, don't we? So just enjoy yourself at work like how my girls and I usually do whenever we work together. Guys freelancers are easy to find, but low demand. So, stop asking me for jobs you guys! I'll contact you on my own if there's any, don't worry. Now, what else do you wanna know? Question me and I 'may' answer you.

Gloria, enough information for you babe?

Three Inch by Joe & Darynne

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hey. :) Lin here, met at nick's. don't mind if i linked u? great blog. x