Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Miss Dolly Blogging

Edmund-MangKUK: wAzzZZZup!!??

Damn. My internet broke down. Currently blogging from TCPJ's library, using a super laggy pc. Because of that I ended up being a pig in bed the whole of yesterday's afternoon after a half-an-hour revision class in college. Donn picked me up at 7 for dinner in Hartamas. Had a yummy bowl of Unagi Don, my favourite. It was pouring quite heavily last night and we couldn't actually go anywhere. However we ended up in Genting later that night. It was sweet fun. I remembered the last time I went up a few days before CNY, I came home sick for a month! Never gonna forget that.

On Monday was Janise's birthday. My favourite makeup artist of all time turned 22. A whole bunch of us gathered for a dinner at Chillies, OU. There were about 20 of us conquering the whole place giving the manager a terrible headache arranging seats for us. My night ended at Bamboo 9 with Donn, while the rest at Ted's. Checkout Grace Wong's blog for more updates on the event. Tag: Janise, Ben, Grace, Wei San, Cindy, Mini, Azreen, Anis, Kenny, Leyvin, Siang, Ee May, Kent, Ted, Carol.

Shell Advance pictures are out! woohooo. Can't wait to get hold of it. At the meantime, you may check out some of it at Rachel Chong's blog. I've got some ugly pictures there.. boo..

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