Thursday, April 3, 2008

I've Got Weird Classmates

Ehh.. ssupp cha!? (Mr.Bollywood)

Mat Rempit Cina (Mr.Blur)

Leyvin: ehh Wei San.. you're damn scary weyy
*Wei San smacks leyvin*

She's our tai kar je weyy. don't play play.

Wake up already! Janise is charmed by his *cute* sleeping look

Miss Tipsy Cookie

Gays humping each other in the public

sayangs you peops!
In the lab.

Miss.D: vin.. stop crying every morning lah!

Everyone else: *rubs in*

Leyvin: nola.. stop crying d lah..

Everyone: *looks at each other and starts laughin*

Leyvin: Shyt! *hides face*

xoxo. rahsia terbongkar dude!

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