Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool! ...not

whoopsie! It's the woman intuition again. =s

I just told Kenny about my Top 5 I Wouldn't Dates' in college. xoxo. I mean, the number 1 in the list is definitely a big NO NO. See for yourself, judge for yourself, you'll know what I mean. Some people are just out casted because of what they do to themselves. Their body languages and behaviours tell what kinda person they are (I could be wrong) and people just tend to hate them for it, especially people like me. Quote that. I'm not trying to be bitchy or what, it's just that.. it's just them lar kay? nuff said.

Leyvin! Will you stop crying again! gosh! and stop playing with the hand sanitizer! =P

I finally met my lil couzzy after so long. I just found out last night that she has returned from NS and even started college. So, I called her out earlier after class to have dinner and to do some catch ups. She, Ching Yee, is currently doing Pre-U at Taylor's main campus. Just in case if you have wondered where did I learn to speak Mandarin, it is from my cousins. sweet?

I learnt my Cantonese from TV dramas (I think), Hokkien-when I was living in Penang till I was five when I moved here and continued speaking it at home language until today, Malay-in school and ofcourse, my first language; English-from.. erm.. friends, school and ...? The reason I said it's my first language is because I don't talk much nor stay at home much. I never did master any of them though, however I managed to pick it all up and speak fluently without bombastic words.. dUH. I don't read much. The only read and written language I know are English and Malay. No matter what, I'm still not a banana! teeheeee

I need new pair of heels and skirts already! I can't wait for Bangkok. uhuhuhh.. Penang soon.. lalala~ I'm gonna miss him, even just for that two days. baby you readin this? :)

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