Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Your Choice

"Life is not about having everything our own way whenever we want it. We experience the opening of our hearts when we share. Every relationship requires making adjustments, compromises, and sacrifices. Instead of trying what cannot be changed, focus on what is able to change." -John Gary

I couldn't agree more to the above statement. However, many don't seem to get it. The other day Mr.Indie was just telling us how we should raise our values. I have dreams, I'm sure you do too. Retire by the age of 35, buying a luxurious apartment in San Fransisco, driving Mercedez Benz at the age of 25, and etc. We have yet to see the world, to experience new challenging experiences out there. I don't wanna get tied down to a family, staying home every day with the mops and washing machines, this is just not what I want out of life. I want to make it meaningful, memorable, exciting! Preferably with the one I love of course. That special someone will have to share my interest, my passion, my dream. Someone I could rely on, have fun with, and enjoy every moment with me. That's all. To me, life is about passion. Do it all before it is too late, we don't play with the time machine, live life to the full. With everything that I'm going through now, I know, it may be just some small fart problem to some of you, but try standing in my shoes. I've got this screwed up love life, broken family which I've never complained about, whole lot of college works and jobs in line, my future plans, my own personal problems.. too much for a soon-to-be nineteen year old to bear, don't you think? Why do people always love to complicate things, I don't get it. You don't see me committing suicide or what not, do you? All I want is just a good flow till I'm ready for the coffin. blah.. hahah. I have a lot of love to give as I have a lot to receive. So now, who needs a glass of fine wine or fish spa? I need a good massage.

Gilette , the best a man can get.

Nabita, Ms.-image-advisor, Hafidz

Happy 19th Birthday, Nick! Cheers to our four years of friendship and may it goes on till fourty!


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