Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Lunch For Five

taken a year ago..

BaKERzin.. BakerZIN.. BAkerzin..

Mama Teoh's favourite dine place. whOops, its Hot Mama now..

muaah! HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY girlfriend!

Disposed Vegetables With Hidden Maggots

My New Addict, Lil'Bro *haha*

There we went SHOPPING!!! Visited Janice at Italianese, gave out Shell pay, and pooft! home. Got a bit indecisive of which colour to pick in the boutique.. hmm.. that's why I always shop alone.

Finally made my mind. sweetness.
We somehow ended up in Laundy Bar later at night after bumming at Ebe's with Donn, Eugene and Janice. Elissa who planned the night bailed on us along with Miss Fong who chose her boyfriend over us. ishh. SQ joined us there where we bumped into Nick F and Jason, Steffie's friend. Quite hot though.. single and available you girls.. *winks*

That's it for today. adios.

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justin2u said...

Nice outfit. Looks good on you.