Friday, April 18, 2008

Party & Sleepover

It was random, it was late. Was supposed to go to Heritage Wine Room but ended up in Sunway. Packed with lalas as usual but met David, Nicole, Jing Xiu, Boon Jin and all there. The party people: Wei San, Janice, Aipeng, Leyvin, Kenny, Ben, and last but not least, myself. Nothing much to elaborate on, the usual things you know.
Bar Celona

The Sleepover

Tuesday night, we girlfriends had a sleepover at Ebelin's. Thinking of pillow fights and sexy lingeries? hmm.. NAH. Alan Tan ffk-ed us at Murni's that night. Aipeng was rushing her assignment, me was havin a lil chat with Eugene, Janice was enjoying her mask, Ebelin was on her phone..

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