Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chapter Three, Closed.

It's The Official End of My Fairytale. no comment.

It is also the Official Launch of Darynne@ThreeInchStiletto.Com . Finally! SQ made Joe and I each a personal company e-mail database or what ever you call it. So is no longer in use since it has been hacked by some ma*fcukers. Here goes Miss D getting herself occupied with as much work and fun as possible till the end of the year. Cheers to $$$.

People out there, precisely Klang Valley people, kindly update our database with your latest pictures and profiles which consists of your Name, Contact Number, Age, Gender, Height, Weight, Vital Statistics, Language Proficiency with Ratings, Current Location & Education, and Job Experiences. Please provide us studio photos as well with front angle, side angle, close up, half body and full body shots.

After getting my daddi's day card done at An Joe's, I went to Putrajaya for a joyride with HC. Grabbed a few bottles of beer along the way (because we couldn't find any whisky) and had a long chat there. Both just turned single, so decided to clear things off our minds by drinking which was pointless because all we had was some fcuking beers. He was being a mega-bytch by not letting me have my cigs. :p

I would like to apologise for keeping *you* guys worried bout me for the past few weeks. I know I may have been an annoying pain in the ass by being pathetically emotional and all, but things will resume in no time. I can ensure you that. You guys were right about everything, about how I actually was feeling. I realized it as.. hehe.. for me to know, for you to find out. I'm just glad that I finally get my life back. Boys are really nothing but trouble.

*Vince, Joe, Jonz, Ben, Steffie, my girlfriends, and everyone else who was there for me. I know who alright, you guys have not been forgotten, just faham faham lah. ;) *

This time, I really won't let myself get involved in any serious shyt anymore. I know I know.. I've said it before. Now, it will be nothing more than flings or... whatever lar. Just won't be ready until everything's been erased off my memory, like how one suggested me to do.

As for B**, I'm not into him at all. Can't he tell? aihks.

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