Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not Meant To Be

Don't, don't you dare, touch me again, throw me a bag of Harsh.
Accusations on me, whatever, to make yourself feel better.
I'm replying, for the first time, perhaps the last,
I will not love you again, no, I doubt if I did,
All that we have gone through, meant something no more,
Get it over with, get going, move on.
That night, a night I am not willing to re-live, never gonna,
Unforgettable, how ugly you portrayed yourself, insanity was all I saw,
Get off my sight, outta my life, I am more than willing to do the same,
You are on your peak, doing what you are best at, be happy now,
Don't beg for sympathy, our made up stars are gone, like you said,
I am over it, you are too, good thing, keep it up,
By the way, Thank You.
Maybe a Friendship, down the road in ten years time,
Don't wanna complicate things, not again, not now,
Admired your folks, it wasn't a show, it was from the heart,
What's done is done, no need to look back now, look front.

Big Boy,
I remembered, how we met, funny how it happened,
I didn't think much, I didn't think love,
Never did, never gonna, never will,
You don't get the picture, we're from different worlds,
The gap is big, the distance is far,
I am not what you think I am, least am the one you need,
I want a brother, out of you, nothing more like how we did,
Understand it now, please, I beg you,
Don't wanna ruin our friendship, no, not another one,
It was a mistake, the part I'm sure you understand,
Promise me,
It was our dirty little secret.

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