Monday, June 16, 2008

The Getaway #1

Melaka's Famous Chicken Rice Ball. See the fishball look alike thing? That's the rice. It was not up to my expectation. I rather have KL's chicken rice which taste way better than that. So, if you ever wanna try it, just order a plate and share.

Pray hard, Play hard. Say a prayer, come on, say it!

Nancy's Kitchen: Cendol - never my favourite.

Nancy's Kitchen: Nyonya Curry Laksa - This is good stuff. I never really liked curry laksa, but this was exceptional. I've always loved spicy food and this was just what I needed for the day. Minus point for the santan which made me puke the next day.

Nancy's Kitchen: Popiah

Jesus RAWKS!

when the Sun goes down, the Boost rises
..on the beach

Just came back from an ultimate getaway in Port Dickson and Melaka on Sunday. All we did was ate till we drop, drank till we 'kong' and took pictures till our batteries died. It was a fun-filled trip I'd say with just Joe and I. I absolutely loved the historical city where you re-live the history. I captured alot of scenic photographs, many of God's beautiful creations. For two days, we had so much food, it was so yummy and cheap, but in the end upsetted both our tummies on the day we're back. Either way, I enjoyed the trip no doubt it was just the two of us. It was a yEngs-bonding-session without Ben-oREtardo who ditched us for his special someone.

I needed this trip badly and I'm glad that I went for it. It really got things off my mind, troubles-away. I'm starting to have more interest in photography as compared to before. hmm. It's interesting, really.

Darynne G, signing off. Loves.

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