Monday, June 23, 2008

Sehari Di Klang

I had a day spent at Klang with the machas last Thursday (19 June). Kenny and I were the only Chinese there with our beloved machas, Mini, Edmund, Paria and his friend. Mini cooked lunch for us and I love her butter prawns. That's what you call the authentic Indian cuisine. dayUmms.. Did you know that the biggest Jusco in South East Asia is situated in Klang-Bukit Tinggi? It looks alot like Pavillion without the Gucci and Louis Vuitton. We had the all time sinful J.Co donuts there then dinner before Sanctuary as we were told that some event is happening there that night. Oh well, free flow ended before we reached. Dinesh S, Epa, Dayang and Steffie were there too. I went around from table to table drinking with everybody until I got so fuckin wasted that night. Omigod, don't make me tell you the details, it was embarrassing.

Next update shall be on 'The Attic Night', 'Rruff Rruff' and 'Get Futuristic In Space'. I will be gone to Thailand on the 24th to 28th of June, which means I'll be leaving tomorrow with the girlfriends. My phone will only be active at night when I'm back to the hotel. Calls will not be entertained, just smses. I don't want to bombard my bill. ;)

Joe already left to New Zealand last week, with me gone as well, it means the temporary shut down of T.I.S until the end of June when we're both back in Malaysia.

Three Inch Stiletto on holiday!


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