Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Want Us Again

People find million reasons for breakup, but why not one to makeup and work things out. It might be too late to admit this now, feelings were developed and lost but in the end regained. I never get the 'forever' picture, but I always picture us happily together. Isn't it all that matters? Someone to turn to when you're feeling worst, someone who loves you for who you are? We both like each other alot, the comfort and love I found in him, I'd say he was my best boyfriend. Give us another shot? I'd say why not. We still have time, we still have space, now all we need is just the Faith. Think about it, weren't we in love, up in Genting in that cold weather, chit-chatting about silly little things which made us smile, how we couldn't not see each other for a day.. I miss it, I miss us, I miss him.

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