Tuesday, June 3, 2008

NISSAN Shooting

Nissan shooting on last Sunday

Stayed up all night, I remembered. Walked out for a smoke at five in the morning then left home at seven. Zalfi thought I was gonna bail on him when he couldn't reach my cell. The moment he heard my voice on the other line he went "alhamuilllah..." or some sort. While waiting for him in the car, I had a few gulps of JD to keep myself awake. We reached Putrajaya around nine. We had four meals that day; breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner. OMG. Just like NS. Shooting was..urhm..alright. As an extra only, you know.. 'keh leh feh'? ahah. It was a good experience though. Now I know how the advertising people work, on hectic, boring, tiring schedules all the time. Director's demand was high, he was a perfectionist. Take 1, take 2 TAKE 3.. and it goes on. Finally, work ended at nine in the night. I came home and fell flat on my bed.

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Then, I got a message from baby about his arrival time at 5am, so I reached the airport at 4.50am and guess what? Flight from Melbourne, 'Estimated Arrival Time', 6:40am. ahh GREAT. Had a cup a tea and slept in the car until he arrived for real. Oh, I hit the JACKPOT. I got a police summon for illegal parking. greatness. So yeah. Pang Jau-Donn's back. However, we have yet to spend time together like how we said we would.

Different. Unexplainable. Different. Weird. Confusing. Uncertain. Different. Distant. Disappointment. Unspeakable.

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