Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Year Off Boys

God must be playing a prank on me that I've been meeting trouble-maker guys ever since I learn more bout boys. The boys are either childish, immature, or attention seekers aka despo. Oh, I forgot, they are 'boys', alright understandable. Regardless of their age, older or younger, the all behave like a total jackass when it comes to girls. My conclusion is, Boys are all the same, they are nothing but trouble. That's what I always tell my girls. Someone just gave me a fuckin hard time recently being such an irritating bastard. I was annoyed and pissed to the fuckin maximum. Yeah, bloggin from Tan Sri Po's crib.

Shall update on my Sehari Di Klang once I get home. Adios sista.


~wilson~ said...

oi...which 'guy' offended u so much????? till u hate all guys?? ==

Darynne G said...

not all larh...just a few of them :s

~wilson~ said...

haha....which few of them and wat did they do? =p