Thursday, June 5, 2008

It Has Always Been That One-Sided Thing

She think about it every day and night,
how everything always doesn't turn out right,
she watches him as he boarded the flight,
result of how they always end up in a fight.

She loved him, he never knew,
even when he knew, he never did,
she hoped, she prayed, she tried hard and believed,
but in the end, he still had to leave.

He stole her heart, and tore it apart,
left her on the ground, without a sound,
she wanted to know, how he has always felt,
the moment he told, again she fell.

Mistake, mistake, people makes mistake,
she did what she shouldn't, and put herself stake,
now overshadowing her, are memories and miseries,
holding her back, from starting a new chapter of stories.

She found another one, one she thought was a better,
she felt so loved, for once, floating in the air just like the feather,
but floating feathers cannot fly, they eventually fall onto the ground,
at the end of the day she realised, it was just another rebound.

He was over her, she was over it,
awkwardness felt, every time they meet,
see how they say how the times past,
everything just happened so fast.

Bhoom, there comes another one,
in the beginning where everything was so fun,
what he say isn't what he does,
making her question herself, was it love or lust.

That was then, it is different now,
They don't even know how they both really feel, how?
She never thought she would fall for him,
The truth is she did, it's too late that she just realized it, wow.

Too late for tears, no need for beers,
just need the whisky to rid the same old fears,

She might regret this, in the coming days,
Take a week off for a break, that was what he says.

Knowing for the fact that he will not come back,
it happened so many times before, she just couldn't look back,
memory hurts, she will always remember that,
even they put it to an end, she will always want him back.

He lost the feelings, he lost that old him,
She misses him a lot, but she never did tell him,
Pretty sure he knows when he reads this now,
but then again, she knows he will not want it back now.

She saw it coming, aggressively killing,
she's still loving him, but to him, it's fading,
it may be the mood, the no-need, or just the time of the month,
all she has in her mind is how it used to be so lovely and fun.

Only God knows what his own plannings are,
For the better or worse, she just need another chocolate bar,
Follow his plans, do as he wishes,
It's just another test for her, to test how strong we women are.

She thought to herself again and again,
Through all these bad times what has she gained,
experiences and good times she can never regain,
learn from mistakes, which she never did ......

She is cursed in love, proven by all her relationships which never did work,
they all say the same 'i love you, i want it to last', which is nothing but words,
silly her, she actually fell for it with 'again',
Good Bye my love, in her heart that's all that she says.

Missing, Craving, and I think Loving too..
No matter what, as always, I'll end up being just the fool.

I'll be a spinster, collect stamps every now and then, with companions of little tame animals, sitting on the rocking chair, stoning till old.............just some lame stuffs I cracked to make myself feel better.

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