Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ding Dong With Me

I miss my college buddies-San, Grrace, Cindy, Anis, Jan, Ben, Ted, Kenny, Leyvin, Colin, Edmund, Mini, Azreen, Shaz, and a whoooooole lot more.

I miss the Shell babes-Rach, Poh, Anne, Colleen, Cindy.

I miss the EEON modelling bunch-Jing, Epa, Eleen, Wilson.

I miss Ben-oretardo, our missing yEng.

I miss my clubbing kaki's-Dixon's bunch, David's bunch, Jeremy's bunch and ....

I miss my crazy colleague in Singapore-Royston.

I miss my highschool friends-Sara, Aby, Gen, Yvonne, Sumi, Deb, Veron and......................

I miss many more... :( ooh ooh.. my Mr.Hot-Lecturer, Phua, Boon, Adnan, Nicole...

I feel like I've been missing out alot since school ended. I'd better go collect my SPM cert, at the same time go disturb the teachers. lalala~ Raju's and CHS chicken rice, Amcorp Mall, then TENNIS. ahh.. I miss the old days.

I'll be away this weekend with joE.yEng at PD and Melaka before we both leave for our holidays next week. Hope everything goes well with the balance of payments and all. If there's anything, we can be reached at our cellphones. Cheers mates.

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