Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Trip To Remember

Bangkok, the shoppers' paradise, the place to be, to stay but not to live, crazy drivers, super strict clubs, mouth watering food and beverages.............................beautiful. I just found out that fried rice style of Pattaya and Tom Yum are made up by Malaysians, they do not exist in Bangkok. Over there they serve Tom Yum Kung, Omelet fried rice and Pineapple fried rice. Now, get your facts right. We so loved their road side food: roasted corns, fried chicken, pineapple fruit, roasted coconut, pancakes and many more. Not forgetting the Calypso Cabaret show aka ah-kua show where they proudly flashed their fake boobies and tits on stage with heavy makeups. Oh Oh.. We couldn't spot their sausages so I'm guessing that it has being chopped off. ouch! But it was hell funny watching them perform wearing those hideous lil feathery costumes that could make a child cry.

Every single thing there are so cheap and affordable that it made me felt sooooo rich. Benny and Gary was playing the role of our guardians bringing us around to pampering treats, cool shisha places, yummy food at beautiful restaurants, and bargaining for us as they speak Thai. Edwin, Nick, and Ken met us there while the rest of us girls; Sie Yuen, Ebelin, Aipeng, Eugene, Me, Michelle and 'Josephine' were just enjoying ourselves there.

My favourite line: "This PENG loh...PENG..PENG..cheaper cheaper!!," which means EXPENSIVE...I want cheaper. (Benny-Boy-Ka taught me that)

Everything went well except the problematic-psychotic child who gave us hell. She's definitely one of a kind, so rude in her own retarded way, anti-social piece of nobody, Anna Sui-obsessed, IpooooD addict. Everybody spent half the time finding her as she couldn't stick around much nor socialize with people who was there with her/for her. She's rich, she carries Prada, LV and Chanel, dresses up like Paris Hilton when going to the mall and market-like places, and guess what!? She could not be bothered to get a toothbrush to brush her stupid smelly teeth since day one. How hygienic of this expensive ladiee who carried herself like a blardy dumb-blonde in those pumps and summer hats with a pathetic lil flower sticking out. She respected nobody and the fact that we all have a major problem with her selfish yet irritating attitude, making her a major turn-off of the century. Yeah, sounds dramatic but she IS THAT BAD, believe me.

Funny thing happened at the airport earlier. As we thought we were late for our flight due to our late dinner, we dashed in like fools. Pathetic child, as usual, went on her own again. We ended up creating a big havoc pissing everyone off and getting glares in the plane the entire time. Oh wells, like we cared anyway.

Four solid days of hardcore shopping, leisure, enjoyment and great companions, no doubt I spent over budget, it was all worth while.

The outcome of such sacrifice = new wardrobe filled with lots of t-shirts, dresses, bags, belts, accessories, shoes with addition of cool lighters, a bottle of JD and two cartons of ciggies.

Pictures will be up next. Stay tuned. Love.


.-wLc-. said...

Eh why u wrote bout Josephine.Dam fuNny weehhhh! LOLx

Darynne G said...

Hah! Lemme guess.. you're Mich! ehehe... TRUE wad! look who's the one who told us bout SHE not brushing her teeth! LOL..... even Ebe's mom laughed bout it! siao-char-boh

bensiu said...

hahahaa - love the entries you are doing here. Keep me abreast with the life of a 18 yr old girl.. yes la! And i cant stop laughing at your comments about 'Josephine' la! My gawd!

Hahaha.. Massage treats a turn-on, huh? hence the comment about chicken wing, right? bleh!