Sunday, June 8, 2008

Get It Out! Get It Out!

Sunday morning, rain ain't falling. Restless mind since the other day, kept me sleepy till three in the afternoon. Emotions took over and there goes the rain falling. Had a drink with Tan Sri at Wong Kok then to my favourite hangout mall, you know, the place where the flea markets are over the weekends, the place where you can fag wherever you go? yeah, you know where. Couldn't find back my same shades so I bought a movie ticket and watched it on my own with an infant crying next to me. "eh, kid, you're watchin a cute fat panda beating the shyt outta the leopard. its funny so stop crying!". As I felt like staying out a bit later, at the same time not wanting to be surrounded my loud noises, my head led me to Bavarian Bierhaus where I had some peaceful time alone doing some thinkings while enjoying my glasses of whisky. Joe decided to join me an hour later, followed by Ben. "I can die of high cholesterol's living with Joe," I told Ben as Joe fed me with TGIF's most sinful food.

Seventeen Summer Splash was being held at Sunway Lagoon yesterday. Looking at the machans exiting the theme park, Vince and I decided not to join Joe and all. Another reason was because we were both not in the right mood, plus, it was drizzling. Such a turn-off, right? We splurged on dinner and karaoke instead, where we sang our hearts out to oldies and Bon Jovi's. "We're damn fui man..," he complained. Nick joined in for the last fifteen minutes there then we left for AC to meet Fung How. Their friend, 'Tar Chuen' came later and our night ended there. Came home feeling awful and exhausted. What a way to keep one busy aye?

Other than that, the usuals... feeling the same.. getting the same "what happened to your hand!!??"..

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