Saturday, September 6, 2008

Endless Pain

It is clear now, that things are never gonna be the same.
Felt like a tight slap right across my face. Just like in the movie 'Slap Her She's French'.

The movie was about a French foreign exchange student (Piper Perabo) in a small Texas town's high school upsets the balance by trying to usurp the position of the most popular girl. Starring Piper Perabo, Jane McGregor, Michael McKean, Alexandra Adi, Trent Ford

Directed by:
Melanie Mayron

It's just that on my side of the story, the best title would be 'Slap Her She's Stupid'.
Ironic, but yeah. How foolish was I.

It was another comedy, with a pinch of spice and romance. Familiar?

Now that I finally got back one of my e-mail account, I felt so relieved. Everybody was questioning me on how did both my accounts got hijacked and who did it and yaddayadda.. If I knew, I would've solved the problem right away, right? My notebook probably has spyware, virus and God knows what. It was a frustrating one yet time consuming. Hope that none of these happens again. Should've bought Macbook instead, cheaper summore. sial.

I would first wish the boys: Kenny, Ley Vin and Hemraj, Happy 19th Birthday!

Together, they celebrated their birthdays at Euporia by MOS last Thurs. I wasn't very impressed with the fact that they three zoinked out and left just when the party started. What? Oh well, even my party mate ditched me and went missing all night long. Enough that something spoilt my night which led to some mistakes, some other people had to end my night with boredom and nonsenses. Goodness gracious!

I give you my promise on more updates: A Night Share of other's Happiness with a Bundle of Joy


UncleJosh said...

hope things would settle down ya...

Darynne G said...

Thanks. I do hope so too.

Ehh.. I miss the 'yu tao mai' at Aman Suria.. :( Tapao for me.. hehe