Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Would You Do?

Woow.. What's that?
New tissue box with disco packaging..
It's a custom-designed Marlboro cigarette box made by Amirul. Well, he just made the box, not the cigarette. Marlboro was having this event somewhere where they displayed a box printing machine for people to choose the different colours, words and patterns to be printed on the cigarette box.

It's SO COOL isn't it?! Look! Look! It has my name 'DG' printed on it with ! Oh, if you're blur enough to ask me "why green?," that's because it is menthol flavoured. Just the way I like it. But it was given to me after a few fellas pao-ed half the packet leaving a few more sticks. Wow. Thanks Amirul..

Often in complicated situations whereby if actions were to be taken or words were to be spoken, unavoidable consequences will be faced and it may prolong. For instance, the provocation and misunderstandings. Things that desires want done, shouldn't be done, and the many different "what if's" keep popping up from all directions in your mind. A way that could permanently put an end all problems occurred without causing another will be needed. Which would be the best solution?

Here's one..

One day, Company Zonk accepted a job from Client Fantelle to organize a project called the Fantelle Wishlist. With a tight budget, limited information with shorter than pencil timeline, the Zonkers needed to get the job done. What should the Zonkers do? Divide job tasks equally, rush as if tomorrow never exists, choose the best person with good leadership skills to control each departments to smoothen every given tasks and work closely with Fantellese. That was the Should Do's.

Zonkers came out with all creative publicity materials, ten pages of fantastic ideas, collected all needed information, then... stopped. Where's the execution? Why wait for the sky to fall? Some just watched, waited and yawned. Still wasting time thinking that they had another until deadline.. just like the work of the amateur. However, not all the Zonkers were like 'that'. They were judged wrongly of the strengh of each players, especially the top management players. (Let me just exclude the Director and a couple of them)

That was not all. The Zonkers were running out of their directions. It is the Fantelle Wishlish they should be publicizing and running, not the Zonk and the Zonkers. They were striving for different objectives; the objective of Company Zonk which is 'This Is A Zonk Work by The Zonkers'. The focus on Fantelle Wishlist was distracted - the information on the publicity materials were not what it was supposed to be. Awareness? What's that?

"Oh..a flyer! What's written on it.. hmm.. the Zonk is getting their job done and dadada...full stop."

"Okay, guys.. the Zonkers are delivering a message that they're part of Company Zonk! That's all.."

Their main aim was not on Fantelle Wishlist anymore, everything was going out of track, going their own way. Letting little things run slowly and automatically without realizing that the little thing could effect the big thing. Now, what would you comment on that? Did Fantelle hire Company Zonk to run the Wishlist or to run Zonklist. Have Client Fantelle chosen the wrong team?

I may be wrong. I was not made perfect to judge correctly, so correct me, or maybe, prove me wrong. Again, who am I? heh.

You know how in reality an organization can face so much of internal politics. Everybody is a politician! Everybody wants to have a say. The least the drama, the more peacefully we live life. White hair grow faster and freckles pop earlier when we stress ya'knoe.. Oh no.. My pimples are already growing and my aging signs are already showing! And Yes, Amirul, I felt so much better after 'ranting' about it. Now you understand why I didn't want a boyfriend?

Updates on Soul'd Out, Euphoria and Goddezz next..

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