Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pierced By Inked


Currently blogging from Janice's new HP Pavillion dv3000 at the Empress Cafe, The Curve. STuffed with a big yummy bowl of mushroom soup and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, my favourite!

Alright alright, I left my blog rotting for days because of some internet security problems I've been facing in the past few months. I have yet to reinstall my Photoshop so I couldn't edit the pics in my thumbdrive. My bad. You know I never like posting any unedited pictures of beautiful events, so hang in there! :)

I just got another piercing yesterday at Inked for a really good price. Credits to Benny, the head tattoo artist there, I think. It was done real quickly and I didn't feel much pain. Really. Piercing..where?! hah! Surprise Surprise! you'll see.. That explains the soup that I had earlier. Why soup again...

FYI, I'm having a brain-squeezing time aka Mid Terms Examamination. One down, two more to go.. leaving Thursday and Sunday occupied to study for the next day papers. Oh wells, I don't wanna flung another subject again. Internship in November is gonna be a killer. So it's time to prepare my resume and contacts for it. Wish me luck!

A night to destress at Poppy Garden this Saturday. Gimme a ring if ya'll be there.


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