Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mini KnockOut!

It was yesterday when the Knockers were all drenched in smelly sticky sweats in the warm weather. However, we managed to make RM1119.45 out of the event. Not much but at least a good start. Credits partially to Project Ugly For Beauty for giving us the spot to publicize our event. Cheers.

Pradeep aka Prada. He's our beloved project manager whose destiny is to be Project Knock's sandwich man. aww.. how cute.. It managed to attract attention alright? Good thing..

Our very first donor of the day, member of Ugly For Beauty. She's obviously, well, the beauty, with Shafiq, the beast. whoopsie! xoxo But he sure did pretty well at the fashion show earlier.

RM1 each pack! Anybody?! It keeps you awake in class! Plus it's for charity! Dude.. buy one or i'll have to slaughter you!

Heaven Fusion, one of our very kind sponsors, also Lokey's dad.

Jonz came to our college with Evelyn to support our event! How great of a friend they were.. Absolutwly lovable!

Fly Fm Cruisers?? Alfred the lead? OMG!

Setted up at 10am, started work at 12pm, ended at 2pm plus.. It was all worth while. With all the funfilled activities and food sales, it sure did generated sales for our project. Who would like to contribute more? Sinners.. come on.. good deeds will help you alot ya knoe.. :) Whether it is monitory or not, any sponsorship is welcomed by the Knockers. Help the Shelter, help Knockers, make life meaningful.

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