Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Girly-Friends Love

Lembik..Lembek..Lambek.. same shyt. The only little toned parts of me are all lembek! >_<>it's not my fault that my classes end late almost every day during the peak hours. Plus the heavy traffic on Federal highway towards KL, petrol ain't cheap ya knoe. It takes me 45 minutes to reach Midvalley every time because of the stupid jam. I've already told Daniel (the California dude who handles my documents) to upgrade my membership to Platinum since almost a month ago so that I could go to the Piramid branch as well, until I got so fed up that all I want now is to transfer my membership to True Fitness at Jaya 33 which only takes me 5 mins from my place ignoring the eighty bucks extra monthly. Cheaper parking, definitely, minus the jam, therefore it sums up to about the same value. Yeah. More privacy at the True swimming pool as well. Best part is, I've got more friends there and I'm so gonna drag Ebelin, Eugene and Cyuen to swim with me. Honestly, the best I could do is three freaggin 20 metres lap. I know I suck but too bad. :P

On Sunday, I had a lil night out with my girlyfriends. Why did I even step into Heritage? It's a Sunday! S.U.N.D.A.Y-----! Gay Night in Bar Club like a total OH-MI-GAWD. I've worked there for more than a month but I never once experienced their Sunday nights so it was pretty shocking. It's not that I'm against Gays or what, in fact, I'm actually cool with it and felt quite comfortable with them. Come on, boys with no intentions, safe! Most of them are HOT wokay?? me love. ;P

Me love them bunch!

Peng let me drive her car :D

She's such a blur queen. tsk tsk.




When she says 1+1=3, you better shuttup and just nod.
You don't want no Gucci bags slapping your face aggressively.

She likes to play rough.. grrwrr.. xoxo


As for the past few days, I've been feeling rather weak, tired, and emotional. hmm.
Spent the whole day home yesterday and woke up early for class today. So proud that I did not skip PR2 classes again. I've got Mid Terms next week so gotta cut down on late outings.

Ofcourse without missing the boys' birthday lah. :)

By the way, it was Khoo Ley Vin's 19th Birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday big boy! Stop crying in class-lah. hehe. toddles.


Amirul said...

DING DONG GOH !!!!!!!!!

Darynne G said...

oii! Since when you got blog!? Add me!!!

UncleJosh said...

like that also can~!

and your editing~!
looks familiar... :P
oh well...
it's nice... ^_^
the effort can be seen

how have you been la?
come we hang out soon ya

Darynne G said...

JOSH!!!.... My hotmails just got hacked!!! Help me!!!