Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why.. WHY?!

The weather changes.. so fast

On some day, it is so obedient and sunny that's when you hear little colourful birds chirping all day long, kids chasing around in the park and everything just seems so right.

Next thing you know,the cloud turns grey, the thunder strikes, the strong wind blowing from every directions flying sands into your eye, raindrops starts falling and everyone runs into shade. Amazing. It all changes in just blink without seeing it coming. It's mother nature that loves to fool us around, starving kids by not growing greens, releasing CO2 when it sees blue corn moon suffocating us in our sleep, ...

Now what's the deal? I don't know. What do I even intend to say. What message do I really want to convey. Honestly, I don't really know! This mixed feelings confuses my mind, corrupting it with thoughts of negativity, making me think that I live in denial.

As I was provoking a friend with sarcasm and irritant, I did considered the messages delivered to me. It's not that I want it this way, but like everybody agrees, some things are easier said than done. Situations tend to complicate in time with frequent bonding and clicking. Let it be the way it should just be, at least that's what I think.

Some times I think to myself, just be selfish and inconsiderate, fuck the world and don't care about anything at all. Come on, how could I? sigh. sigh. sigh. (sucks being me, aye?)

Don't worry, I did not get myself into any trouble, no need for the panic and confrontations later. I was just releasing the tenses in my tiny brain. Obviously, it is the time of the month so put full blames on the hormonal changes. *walaa!*

Time for 'shui jiao'. Ciao.

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