Thursday, September 18, 2008

Knockers Knocks!

Stage #1: Planning

Stage #2: Analyzing Issues and Problems + generating fantastic ideas! (with funny expressions and pose for the camera when asked to)

Stage #3: Doing it! ~just shuddup and drivee..~

Stage #4: Hurray! Job well done!

Attn: Busybodies

These things are not taught in PR2. It is all based on our own intelligence and common senses. Please do not go up to Mr.Kumar and talk shyt like how I do in my blog. Let me repeat myself..IN MY BLOG.. TQ

Project Knock

A charity-based event hosted by TSOC for fund raising project called the Project Knock.

The Shelter Home is the organization that we're fund raising for to help the vulnerable and helpless abused youth to regain their normal life, by providing them funds to pay for their needs, private education fees, facilities and much more. They've been mentally, physically and sexually abused and now the chance is here for us to do something about it.

We will be having our launching day and gala dinner night to raise funds for them. With the kind help of sponsors to sponsor our event or contribute donations for these homes, the event will be a success in creating awareness and giving them maximum exposure in the most positive ways. We want to make them feel that the world out there still cares about them and they can, too, live normal lives like you and me.

If you wish to help them or us, you may contribute by sponsoring us, support us or by just spreading the news around.You can make changes in their lives.

Do check out the blog site of ours and leave some comments. Do let me know if you wish to contribute in any way.

Cheers, Darynne G

This' a really late update. My first try at Pick N' Brew. I'd rate it 5/10 for the food, 7/10 for the place. No doubt it is a pretty good place to drink and chill though. Will definitely go back there again.

Sanctuary Night. "Wednesday nights' for Sanctuary.." says she. I was..urhm.. not quite well at the end of the night. I meant, both Jason and I were not doing fine. Massive hangover the next morning and had a lil lost of memory. That always happen, doesn't it? Not being able to remember what you did the entire day when you're drunk that night. Well, it is to me.. That somewhat explains my magenta planner, making it an essential that I cannot live without. It's the only way I keep track of things I do daily.

Kenny . Ley Vin . Hemraj's Birthday at Euphoria, MOS. I know alright.. I'm such a slowpoke that I took so long to update on this. I didn't have the time to do so. Neither did I get the change to edit the pictures. You can tell on your own.. eww man. I don't like it. So need to get the Photoshop cd from Colin fast!

Oh.. back to their birthday, the bunch left pretty early. Err.. let the pictures do the talking will do.

OMG... look into my eyes.. loooook.. loooook.. macam kena rasuk liddat! It's the flash alright. Everybody's been complaining about it. Come on, at least the pictures turn out nice half the time. hahah. except this. ><

The perfect lovebirds

Kenny aka Tan Sri Liang

Screams: DJ Warren-V in the house! Happy Spinning Birthday! boohoooo! My beloved guest Dj at Laundry spins every Friday! In search of potential ladies who desires to be a famous Dj. Warren is more than willing to be your mentor. Drop me a message if you're interested. ;)

Any freshgraduates or ..., Activation Works is now hiring events exec / events mgr / 3d designer / graphic designer. They've worked with many big companies and hosted many prestigious events. One of it is the Samsung-Chelsea 2008.

Kindly contact Mr Alfred @ 012-2829998

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