Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hennessy @ The Orange


I missed the first round of Hennessy Artistry @ Bukit Kiara and I think yesterday's event was nothing as compared to what I've heard about the one I've missed.

Josh L got me a media pass into The Orange where the event was held. *sweats & chokes* The whole time, it felt as if I was in an oven, so hot! I could hardly keep my eyes open because of the cigarette smokes and it was really uncomfortable. Thank The Lord for the free flow!

Who else was there? Jing Yi, the lil baby girl I first met when she was like four or five, Khai Ling and friends, 'Eugene, Marcus, Jason, Lil LooLoo' who left before entering, Jonz, Dixon and girlfriend, Donn, Steffie, Jean, Penny, Uncle Josh, Sam and a couple more which I can't remember their names. xoxo.

I was table hopping the entire night with Jonz until we ended up at Donn's where I met my first ever KIASU Singaporean. No joke! I've met and worked with so many of them and I never once buy the 'Singaporeans very kiasu' statement until last night.

"ehhh... you Malaysians can drink alot! come! come! drink!!!"

yeah la tu. He himself didn't drink and kept on bugging me, Jonz and Donn to drink. Oh, and that Donn pandaii pandaii went missing leavin the both of us to deal with that kiasu fella. Jonz can't really drink much, sudah la, we both had to drive ourselves home. OMG. I swear I could have gotten into so many accidents and risked getting caught for drunk driving.

Apologies to Amirul, Blah and God knows who else. The spin in my head was so terribly bad that when you guys called, it got worse. I had no choice but to switch off my cell. eh heh.


He so is the reason for global warming.




Just look at Jonz. His face damn tak puas wanna layan the fella.



C H A R I S said...

hey big sis :)
when are you going to visit you lil sis?!

I swear Im gonna go KL and look for you when I finish my SPM okay?

Miss you!

Darynne G said...

Sure thing! Come Come!

I'll be so occupied with so much of work until I'm done with internship. I actually wanted to go down to Penang this week but my friends were busy with their own plans.

Oh well.. when people found their the other half, this' what happens. sigh.

All the best in SPM alright? Loves