Tuesday, September 16, 2008

yuppy-duups! That's right!

My latest and the last piercing, tongue piercing!

wheee.. Ten studs in total.. seven on my ears, one on my nose, tongue and naval.. perfecto!

DingDong asks Benny who pierced her tongue, "eh eh.. is it normal that the piercing hole on my tongue stretches a lil with some disgusting looking mark on my tongue with the shape of the stud??!"

"yeah, it's normal,"
Benny answers.

"pheww! for a minute I thought my tongue was tearing and there was fungus growing on it! hahah!,"
says DingDong with relief.

Now I have difficulties munching, eating spices and obviously, TALKING properly. Wow. Yay me.


More Space on Fridays!
Rachel, Derrick, Ezra, Alan, Bryant, cute Desmond that I met at Langkawi, lil mui Jeslyn, Natalie, Shereen, Kenny, Michelle, Joe, SQ, and alot of people were there. I was at Laundry with Joe and SQ for the NESC interview right before that, celebrating DJ Warren's Birthday at the same time. The night ended with tears. This is why I hate boys..

Stuffy and packed as usual which I never liked about Space. Thank God I didn't see the PR Godzilla there or she would have died that night. hah. *evil grins*

Don't tear over the unworthy. Smile because you've learnt your lesson. Open up both your eyes and heart, judge and choose the best.

Poor boy Derrick vomitted all night long. Thank me for the lemons. Lousy lil thang.. okay lah.. I sayang back. :p

Ezra.. The man who brought the underages in. Befriended the infamous Sebastian and "I'm gonna say FUCK THREE OF U I don't care cuz I'm drunk!".. wow. amusing.

Oopsie! Someone stripped me! NooooooOooOOoo!!! Go awaaaaaaay!!!!

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