Sunday, May 4, 2008

Keyboard's Being a B*tch

Lack of update. boohoo. My lappy's keyboard got problem so I sent it in for replacement. I really hate using my desktop keyboard so I resisted bloggin for a couple of days until today when yEng brought it up. aihks. Just came back from Sepang (Petronas Cubprix) with yEng. It was really hot out there that it made me feel sick. Lunch was yummy.

Despite the fact that I'm in the midst of final examinations, I am still out getting busy with my other stuffs every single fuckin day. Exp: boyfriend. I sayangs him. sweeter than Baskin Robbins. yumyums.

Baby: babeeey.. what do you say when another guy ask you out for dinner??
Miss.D: *************
Baby: NO... say "NO!, NOT HUNGRY" with the tone

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxp all J.O.S.H.U.A'S F.A.U.L.T!

If you're planning to watch Lars and The Real Girl, please THINK TWICE before buying those tickets, it drives you insane with boredom. It is about the guy, Lars havin Mental Illusions making a SEX DOLL his girlfriend. The whole town care bout him so much that they treated the sex doll, Bianca like a real human, blablabla......... in the end, they had a funeral for Bianca. omg. (I bumped into Sean at the cinema, bought the same movie tickets, watched it in the same theatre, laughed our asses off) It was just plain DUMB. So please, don't waste your money and time. I warned yah.

Miss.D: Dy.. can sponsor me a pair of gym shoes ah? mine torn d lha (bluffing)
Daddi: how much?
Miss.D: 200 hahah
Daddi: ok .... if not enuff use my cc lah.
Miss.D: hahah OKAY!

I could not upload any pictures for now as it is all stored in my lappy. me gartagoo snore like baby now.

4 papers down, 1 more to go.. which is tomorrow. sigh. Tiesto Tiesto baby!


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