Saturday, May 31, 2008

I had another haircut. jajaja. My hair grew really fast and I have a shoot later, so, I went for a trim. hahah. I'm so freaggin excited right now. Don't even know what's it all about or which role am I casting for.. Meeting Zalfi at 8am later and it's already almost four now. I could not sleep.. man.. puffy eyes.. Another thing that I'm really looking forward to is baby's arrival tomorrow morning. He's finally coming home. yay. That stupid boy sure made me wait long.

I bailed on Jason earlier, was supposed to join him at Aloha for the Henessy Artistry event then to Poppy. Considering the fact that I have work the next morning, plus I was too lazy to dress up, I decided pull out. Had some bonding session with Janice and Ebelin instead at the Tree House. Chicken wing was really yummy, peng missed it all. :p What a nice place to go to and I love Thai cuisine. Sour & Spicy..yumms.. Bangkok.. woooehooooooE!

I'll need to get Sasee to have another photoshoot session for me soon. damn. i'm shy-larh. :)

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