Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Like vs Love

j e s L y N <3's says:
but still if he ends up like i*** . ill need your car keys when i can drive . and roll over him with your car . so you can laugh asses when u drive your car and think of the flatten him
j e s L y N <3's says:
haha .

aihs sweetie, such a cute lil fart. hehe. loves.
Baby will be going back to Melbourne this Friday, when I'm away at PD. damn. For two solid weeks I will not get to see him or hug his teddy body and urrgghh.. I hate it. hmmph.
Baby I'm missing you already. :(
Things have been rather messy lately. I don't know what way to put it but I've been feeling messed up. Too personal to voice it out here, don't you think. Deja Vu, that's what I call it. Again and again I'm going through and feeling the same as I did before. Therefore I've decided to hold back again. Filled with fear and.. I don't know. Complicating situation. I gave in a bit without realization and after knowing the truth, I was disappointed, again. Weakness is all I have when it comes to handling this, I know I fell again. no good when it's one sided. I hate this feeling. I want things to sail smoothly. I don't like to shed tears. fuck.


Jeslyn said...

you know i sayang u right . haha . i know im funny . . u love me rightt . haha . okay . im weird .

dont think too much kay sister . your mui is here to cheer u up at all times . hehe .

sayang u . :)

Phatdolla said...

OKay! My car is for you to borrow just for roll-over-bf purposes. hahah! set! Love LOve much! muaaaaah

Grace W. said...

awww....don't worry too much lahh!! I have a dedication for you on my blog! =) i miss youuu....=(