Sunday, May 11, 2008

4th Day Without Him

It has been four days since he left, I miss him. I miss teddy-ing him. Without my laptop I can't go online so often, really troublesome, I can't even upload the taken pictures. Most importantly, I don't get to chat with my *boss*. hate this. sorry baby..

Work Work Work! For the coming three to four days I'll be havin a hectic schedule, moving around town, supervising and managing stuffs. I'll go through what yEng went through as she'll be really busy with her own stuffs as well. Pray hard that this week sails as smooth as possible.

Cheers to T.I.S babe!

To DO's
- Appointment with Sam
- Meet Ben at Sanook
- Public Mutual event
- Meet Khean
- Gym
- Rush Kenny & William for pay
- Maybank pay
- Collect laptop

999 999 999 999 999 999 999..................... 999
Memorizing these numbers just in case somethin goes wrong with my systems. hahah.

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