Friday, May 30, 2008

Saturday Morning, Rain Is Falling

Sony T70

Ever since I lost my baby-C last year (THANKS to SOMEBODY), I've been stucked with my phone camera to capture 'the moments', sadly. I've been eyeing on one of Sony's latest T70 for awhile now and yet, I couldn't make up my mind of which colour to pick. I really like the white one as I've always liked gadgets in white. However, I was told that the colours fade off easily as compared to the silver which I find it looking sleek and classy. I like them both, nuff said. HOW..?? Which should I get, my beloved readers.

Nice, ain't it? but what if it gets dirty, or or.. it changes colour after long usage, or or.. blahh.. :( what ever it is, it will burn a hole in my own purse.

Life is like the Ferris Wheel, it goes one big round just to get back to the starting point. Honestly, do I look or act like my age? hmm.. Sixteen or twenty-six? I watched 'Juno' earlier before I left for gym. I'll have to say it is as good as 'Thank You For Smoking'. The most important lesson learnt from the movie is 'Play Safe'. None of us are equipped to be a MOM or DAD at such tender age. Dare you deny that! hah. Doctor says, "its best for birth-giving by the age of twenty-five to keep both the mom and the baby healthy", but what say you? Looking at all of my older friends, mostly not married, definitely not pregnant, some are still single. So, doc, what say you? Come on, be realistic. Not many would actually give up their career to babysit their children at home. Just our parents alone set good examples. I've always had this imagination of clubbing with my children and be a 'hot momma' and be really sporting about their love life. hah. I think it's gonna be really interesting, huh? Some day, I want to own my own condo, my own yacht, my own Audi, my own club or cafe, my own business...... My hubby will have to pay for my Platinum card, our maid, our mansion, our holidays..... whoever that's gonna be, start saving already! hahah. Enough of syok-sendiri-ness. I was just too bored, fucking got stucked in the massive jam for almost two hours on the way to Heritage because I wanted to know how was the traffic at night using Federal highway. Such a bad idea, wasted both my time and petrol for such curiosity. Then I went to the club just to waste time and ended up at Buharry's where the boss paid for my meal. (whooo.. how nice.. didn't even know why) When I was about to leave, another fellow whom I've never met in my life offered to get the bill as well. What is wrong with everybody today, but good for me. Thanks anyways.

For Free Boost: Bar Club, Cynna, Palacio

For Free Parking: Bar Club

For Free Date: erm.. call my girls.. hehe

These places only offer these wonderful benefits to me.
mwahaha. nightee nights sweethearts.

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