Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chipsmore Are Addictive

*yawns as I stretches my arms*

I can't believe that I actually spent three freaggin hours at the gym today, its been a long time. Finally enjoyed my sauna session after so many months and I loved it. Guess it's best that I continue doing this daily rather than wasting time at home until comes back.

Hardcore Clubbing Session this week. Lets go.

Met Steffie, Amirul, Penny, Jason, boyfriends of Mr.BF and a few other fellas earlier. I hate Sunday's. Some calls it the 'family day' while others like me calls it the 'torture day' because it almost bore me to death.

You know, I really don't understand how some people just couldn't face their ex's after many years or months of breakup. Like come on, get over it already. It's not like they have a major bitchass attitude problem or what like 'someone' which I do not wish to mention names.. but yeah, you may be sorry for your mistakes.. and hey.. apologies accepted whad? some people just complicate things even more which leads to more awkwardness. Seriously.
Get Over It!

OooOo.. Kenny Liang is coming back today at 5am from days of torture in JB.

m K y g s ` Dj Kennito says (4:06 AM):

i spend dam lil here
got free dye la
free food la
no free sex onli la

That's SO KENNY man..
My purse is drying up, my tyres are increasing in size, my phone bills are coming soon.. oh GOD.. luckily coming home soon. :) 7 more days.

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