Friday, May 23, 2008

A Sweet Dedication

Maison & Cynna, which do you prefer? You would probably end up saying
- Maison's a cina-beng place (a place where Shakir claimed that the people there are cocky)
- Cynna's a malay-pit place (I didn't address it as Mat Rempit cuz Cynna's a classy place, or should I say 'used to be' until FUCKzilla came in to take over the PR and turned it into a place of the condemned *i meant her only lah!*)

OH Myy Myy... SPOT THE FACE! Wait.. oh there.. found it! xoxo

The Cynna Story
Once upon a time, there was a month named May, dated 23rd.

- someone picked a fight when a girl slapped a drunkard
- an old fart approached me and started telling me grandfather story of his own and how he'll be flying to Paris that evening
- Bumped into a highschool friend of mine named Illya after two years
- found a new camwhore buddy who is also a boyfriend of my boyfriend, Chuck!

That's the end of story, the very the happy ending. Thank you for reading.

*at AC watching football*

My Story

Oh.. checkout my new tattoo

real stuff? my goodness, you actually buy that kinda shyt? but it's nice, ain't it?

"boy'o'boy.. I sure miss my boy
his giggles, his hugs, his love and lust
oh nono, please don't get me wrong
what I'm typing is just a song
already I've been made to wait so long
oh baby everything just felt so wrong
that was how I felt that day
until you spoke to me yesterday
just wanna say I'm glad to have you
and baby.. .. I really miss you"

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