Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What on earth is this insect called? hmm... random kan?
I've just renewed my passport for next month's trip with dad and sis at Shah Alam this morning. There were lots of complications and problems as the copy of my IC was different from my original IC. Dad made the copy and we submitted it in without taking a second look and my birth year in that copy was 1987. How weird can that be? Both sides of the copy turned out to be 1987? Havin problems like this at the imigration is no fun at all. Both my dad and I was being sent to a room for questioning. blablablaa.. there goes my entire day! What a coincidence but it sure seemed creepy when dad being superstitious and said "maybe the ghost.." whatdehell?? I was getting chills and goosebumps all the way back because of him. stupid.

First thing the *inspector* asked me was "dik.. you baru rokok eh?".. I answered yes, duh.. and he replied "bagus". WHAT? I dah stress giler ni.. If I'm not mistaken, the percentage of death caused by high cholesterol are higher than tobacco intakes. When you consume fattening food, you die FAT. When you smoke, you look NORMAL if the docs don't dig out your lungs. So use your brain. Why would I wanna die in shame. Of course I choose to smoke! ;p

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