Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blinded By His Appearance

After three days of stressing, it's finally over. An event was held at PWTC by Public Mutual. Day one was the longest hours, day two started at five in the morning, while the last, which is today, was the shortest. I'm very satisfied with my team, all gave full co operations which I am really happy of. They gave me no problems and clients were happy with them. Thanks you guys. Hopefully the pay will be out soon then everyone can enjoy. Cheers.

Guess what? I chopped my hair off yesterday with some new dye and highlights. wheeee.. lurvin' it! Almost cried when the highlight turned out bad yesterday and I made my hairstylist redye it for me. I tell you.. crappy. After my haircut I went to Desert Bar with my girls and had yummy ice-creams at night, then Murni's to have supper. SUPERDUPERFATTENING! They just had to buy horror movies to watch. The SHUTTER, Thai version. Damn fuckin scary weyh, even after awhile of watching it I got goosebumps. In addition to that I had to drive home. Both Janice and I rather take the long way back instead of driving pass the cemetery. Funny the way we ran into Jan's car fearing Ebe's dogs. Silly people.

I just found out something about what a friend of mine did. Something I least thought he would do, ever. How disappointing. Man.. never judge a book by it cover, seriously.

Not really in the mood for blogging. Just felt the need for an update on my dusty old blog with spiders crawling all over. Gotta get back to Mr.Macho's chatroom. Luff Luff.

I Love You baby.. Don't Worry.

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