Monday, May 12, 2008

Loyalty Anybody?

Girl A says: u do oral ahh?
Girl B says: do half way i sleepy one loh
Girl A says: hahahhahahahahhahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wtf
Girl B says: u did with ********* dy ar
Girl A says: he no skills la. damn turn off
Girl B says: ask him to watch porn

Isn't it funny how turned off you are yet you couldn't voice out fearing the consequences of it? That was a conversation which I've encountered while invading one's privacy. lol. How stupid can one get when it comes to relationships. One who could not let go of its past that is still haunting him/her, too afraid to love again, don't know how to or could not even bother to put in efforts, ..... what other problems? I want to hear your story in my comments section. But really, do you really learn from mistakes? There will always be a reason why some people is in your past and could not make it to your present or future. A guy/girl may have one or more people in mind, but what's important is that 'one' in heart. Apologies are just words, never to make the same mistakes is what that counts. Oh, not to fall for the same person who broke your heart too.

You can only appreciate what you have when you autentically feel a need for it.

I personally prefer one for what they do and not what they say. You know the sayings.. need me to tell? Easy for me to say I love, easy for me to say I don't, too. If the feelings are there, if the guy takes good care of it, nurture it with lots and lots of love, passion, and time, I don't see how or why it could fade if that person's personality is alright. Now I really don't know what am I talking about now. I feel that there's no need of a relationship for anybody around my age right now, it is just the desire, you see. Some say it is a waste of time, while some say "oOooH.. its LOVE!". Dramatically, yeah, that's for real. Let me just give you another two solutions. Be single or gay. Now, bye.

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