Friday, May 16, 2008

Mia Obsession, Mia Addict

He thinks he's damn cool being a taxi driver. yeah lar, he sure looks good in that sexy uniform. SO??? BAD THING! Later attract all the unnecessary attentions from flying chicks how? Lose my contact and bye-bye. I miss that stupid boy. Nicely having fun without me. Lousy.

*sobs* where're you, what're doing, what you had for lunch..
when're you comin' back? I miss hugging my teddy bear. :(

stylo-milo-stupido-whowearsSPEEDO... ooo.. I like that shirt ;)
come home soon baby.. i need a massage.


Grace W. said...

omg. That's him? weyyy!! since when he's LALAfied? U sesat lar u!! Roundy! =p

Phatdolla said...

i didn't say he's lalafied also. Wei San said he's typical chinese only mar.. hahaha... not my fault ;p