Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Think About It Every Now And Then

Don't know why, but I feel rather emotional tonight. It's a mixed feeling you know, like how you dip cream crackers into mayonnaise, thousand island and honey mustard sauce altogether. I have so many plans in mind and things always turn out wrong somehow, well, some things. I kept looking back into those days, reminiscing the old times, bits of this and that. I'm happy and satisfied with whatever it is today but it just never seem to be enough. Greedy? Maybe.. People always ask for more, right? More bargains, please?

At times, I seemed to be doing too much, to the extend where I don't understand why did I even do it. I want it, but not need it. I'm forever wanting to try new things, experiencing new experiences, then look back after ten days and either laugh at it or regret it. bahh.. I'm an emo emo gal.. bare with that. This' just an expression feelings and mind right now, mind you.

It's called Freedom Of Speech yoe.

At this moment of time, I just feel like packing my bags and get on to the road, for a roadtrip on my own, whether to watch planes take off from the hills, get blown away in the windy evening with breath-taking views, learn about different cultures, to see the world out there, visit places I've never been before, have a drink or two with a group of decent strangers, lie on a field of grass until the sun sets, simply just to set my mind free for a week or two. Unfortunately, Malaysia is not that much of a safe place for an individual to do so, neither do I have that much fortune left besides my savings for Bangkok next month. Sigh.

Joe's leaving for Alor Setar tomorrow then to Bangkok with boss after that. She will be getting shopping allowance and free flights too. Jealous sial!

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(Sarawak Tourism Board Appreciation Night 2008)

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