Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tipsy Blogger

I'm a BIT tipsy right now.. booyaya.. ;)

John made it to Loft today. The last I saw him was at Langkawi LIMA event. He got me a Sukhoi key chain and Hornet bookmark. Thanks man.... it's not easy to get it you know. whee.. Joe.yEng was totally -out- while Joshua was a bit too tipsy and he refused to let me drive fearing that I would crash his car. puh-lezzz.. I can drive manual okay.. hehe.

We started drinking at 9-ish at Bangsar before heading to Heritage already. Joe went socializing, Joshua went fishing and I, being alone, went to Bar Club to chill with the bartender where he gave me two glasses of drinks. *Thanks abang.Wan. You're the bomb!*

Joshua couldn't drive yEng back so I took the honour and went for a sober-up drink with Jason, Victor and another fellow after that. So much of getting sobered, I didn't feel any better. Now that I'm home, showered, I'm now BLOGGING. Hmm.. I feel like goin to OU tomorrow. For no good reasons, I just felt like going there. :) Who to call, eh? tsk tsk.

After lunch with Steffie and Penny earlier, I think they must be on their way to Perhentian now, they could've reached their destination for all I know. Have fun and take care you girls. Don't be naughty..steffie.. hahah. We all know what you'll be up to. :)

okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Bed time. muachz!

I want this to last too..
I care too..

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st3ffielicious said...

Eh eh.. I'm a gooood girl!