Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm Feelin' It

Lazy Lazy Lazy..

Now that I'm done with finals, I don't feel like getting out of bed at all. I miss baby. Isn't it amazing how time flies, as if I've just enrolled into college yesterday, and today, I'm in my second year, completing my third sem. *phew* I lost touch with a lot of my highschool friends, the ones left are the best I could ever ask for. Isn't it sweet? *loves* Sorry hunz, too tired to go swimming today. tomorrow yea?

Someone's been messing with Jeslyn sweetie's blog and that lifeless piece of shyt has gotta stop. I totally despise these kinda people, I mean like, don't they have a life of their own to mind? sicko-arses.

It's Sushi Groove Night! I get to meet the college bunch for the last time before my three months of sem break officially starts tomorrow. syokness larh I know, no need to wake up early and get stuck in the blardy jam every single morning.. but there're plenty more to do out there. whee.. can't wait to get started. I so need to hit the gym soon, my weight gain is killing me already, killing me slowly.. with this song.. tearing my whole life.. lalala~

I'm starting to feel it :)
I just need more time. Him too.
sayangs so much.