Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Maid Irritates

OMG!!! I'm so gonna kill my maid one day! She just LOVEEE to arrange my things her way and when I ask her where is it, she'll say she haven't seen it just because she don't understand what am I saying. I just had a hard time digging through a pile of my stuffs to search for my new dvds. She fuckin' irritates me! urggghhhh!!!

Camwhores camwhores Camwhores camwhores Camwhores...

How do you like drinking in the afternoon? Jack Daniels anybody?
I lost my way in BANGSAR yesterday because of that. I tell you..

From Bangsar > Midvalley > Prince Cafe in SS2 > WIP, which is back in Bangsar ...
wow. petrol's free man.

This' what happens when 'a girl' waits for 'a guy' to shower and 'another guy' who's taking his own sweet time driving down to meet her at 'a guy's house.

Camwhoring, Fagging, Posing..




tadiduppidup...???????????????? *kaching* NOT!

Almost everyday I get a new card. Insurance card, discount card, gym membership card.. all the cards in the word except credit card. Damn sad man.




Here are my Masterpieces.. nyahahahaaa...


for you..

from me..

out of unfinished food.. ppprrrrOUD... *wheehehe* muachs five times. :)


Grace W. said...

eeeeyerrr...food...player! lol. your 1st "masterpiece" looks gross. bahahaha!! =p

Phatdolla said...

nice wokay... dont you think it looks more tempting? :)