Saturday, March 8, 2008

Life's Been Busy For Three Nights

Miss.D stayed up late to rush her Mr.I'm-So-Cool's assignment the other day. Surprisingly, her work was not rejected. Mr.Edward seemed pretty pleased with hers and her friend's masterpieces. hmm.. hahah. Probably Mr.Phua confronted him after all that complains Grace and I made, I made him my 'father'. *inside joke* He seriously is kinda charming for 'his age', probably because he is, by far, the best looking lecturer we've had. xoxo.

hehe. me likey. considering to dye my hair blonde in a few years time. sexy baby. ;)

and my another piece of work, Mr.Jackie Khoo. xoxo. couldn't tell who is that? It's

Khoo Ley Vin.

sorry hun, I just couldn't stand not posting this up. I stole the pic when you weren't there. hahah! my work wad!? I like-lha. neh neh neh bue bue!
However, this wasn't the final work of his piece. This' the FAT version. hahah.

leyvin. stop crying in class every morning lah. =P

Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Exhausted, I was, when I reached home nightly. I did not just have very little sleep, stood in those three inches killers, froze myself to death in the low temperature environments, confused myself with the do's and don'ts at the entrance with the bouncers.... boy.. you don't wanna know more. My body can't really take air-cond that much anymore, not even cold drinks. awful. i miss my whisky. and malibu. :(

You single hot ladies out there who're currently hunting for hot, good looking, rich men, go down to Bar Club on Friday. Man.. *drools* need me say more?

"Thank you for banking with Maybank. Maybank celebrates Woman's Day with you. *smiles*"

The only thing that kept me awake from 7 in the morning to 3 in the morning the next day. I was like a zombie in bed at the end of the night. My life-saver, Caramel Latte.

was just reminiscing the good times.

The common things people say to me. don't look 19.. because....

...OMG you have a sister?????

...where are you (assuming I was out at some party scene) -Ben Gomes're short :S Melayu ke Cina? (because of my Malay slang)

...intro some chicks to me lahh... (most guy friends of mine)

...weihui/Darynne.. I need a job (then when I call them, they hilang bayang) -then don't fuckin ask me for one, its frustrating!


1. Joe, my yEng

2. Stefanie (she doesn't know where she lives :S)

3. Superman (jayja) (bouncer)

4. Chung (he made me ask the lady customer for her Mario ringtone cuz cause he thought it was SPECIAL)

5. Alan (he won the Loreal Studio Search thingy at Zouk, and OMG. his brother is waaaaay hotter than him! omgomgomg!!!)

6. Jeslyn, the lil'gal (I was featured in her blog for being a stALker *ahem*)

7. SQ (for being a sweetieee)

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