Monday, March 24, 2008

Reopen The Gate For Entries

Mr. hot-lecturer's 31 years old! but...... he looks so much younger.. at most 28? *laughsoutloud* aduii.. I still think he's quite charming lor.. though very laggy. hahaaa.. with uncle-hairstyle.. (Grace you readin this?!) sigh.

Boy, what should I do with him.. A shot, or not? I ain't doing no flings with friends.. bb..buut.. I dunnnoo larr.. headache! it was so sudden. hmm..? Guys these days are damn weird. When you're busy, they don't seem interested. Then when you're not, like doing your usual things, banyak pula yang gila-gila datang. I don't know how to put it all in words anymore. I feel its like a rebound to both of us. After all that shyts... I really fear.. you know.. then at work ader lagi.. oHmYGaWd! Hide me in the woods please~

he's the reason for the tear drops on my guitar,
the only thing that keeps me wishing on my wishing star..

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tipsy darlene said...

yes wei hui. I AM reading this post...lmao! geez...can't believe dat u still think he has some HOTness in him...aiyoyo machiiii!! lol