Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In The I-Lab

Currently bloggin from Taylor's I-Lab, the coolest lab in the TCPJ, fully equipped with Apple Macintosh computer. It is our first class here, havin Introduction to Computer Graphic with Mr-Hot-But-Laggy lecturer. Today's extra special, why? cuz the craziest bunch of Mass Comm nutcases are here. *cheers with pom poms* Mr.Edward's M.I.A yooo.

Woken up by Mr.Ego-Bruised at 6.30am.. aww.. you owe me a 30 minutes Missy Elliot dance on Friday! lalala~ circle circle dot dot~ in that rainbow coloured shirt.. gettin grabbed in the ass and chest by random chicks.. sure sounds fun huh? More chick's phone numbers.. more LALAs..

wOOps! Mr.lect's in class. Illustrator lesson. Focus Focus baby. Adios.

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